Boot Punishment




I am the queen of boot training. More than half of my slaves come to me because they are hypnotized by my gorgeous high heeled black leather boots. They want to kiss them and lick them and some of them even want to masturbate on them. These men have the additional duty of licking their come off my boots until they shine again. I have some men come to see me for what I call a “kiss & clean”. This is a full boot worship session along with withering humiliation and punishment as I see fit.

While I will train novice foot worshippers, I prefer experienced men who know and understand their place. Their place is at my feet. I demand obedience and enthusiasm and I will NOT tolerate slow learners. If I give an order, it is to be obeyed immediately or they will quickly find themselves in a painful situation. My over the knee shoe spankings are long and hard. The sole of my shoe can turn an ass from red to black and blue fast and it doesn’t stop there. I may take a slave to the chains for a good kicking.

I like to stay on message when punishing a substandard boot licker. I employ several different types of boot and shoe gags. These are sure to keep a slave’s attention on the job at hand. If a slave can’t lick a boot properly, he can stand in the corner and suck on one for a few hours with a high heel up his ass.

I am an expert boot trainer and under my tutelage, my slaves become expert boot lickers, OR ELSE!